I was contemplating the question: if I were to summarize the traits that I have seen in effective project managers, what would those be?


I used to live under the delusion that I have infinite time. I used to say yes to everything my peers and managers would come and…

The term middleware refers to a piece of software that sits in between two other pieces of sofware. It can be at different levels of abstraction — function, module or process.

Pretty vague? Let us try to understand it using an example. There is a middleware component in Django framework…

If you don’t have time to learn and master bash, I have collected series of recipes that will help you to be productive.

Before we get started, always have set -u at the beginning of your script. This will force your script to error out when you refer to undefined…

When you give your product or service for free to your customers, is it really free? The following model will help you to understand what your customers are really paying.

Your customers pay you in two ways: tangible and intangible.

Tangible payment is the dollar they pay you. It is…

Imagine that you are working on a complex piece of code. You are in the zone. You are juggling a handful of modules in your head and trying to figure out how to implement the new business logic. About when you are going to have your aha moment, you hear…

When connecting to a remote host using SSH, i have often ran into connection failures due to server being busy. I will retry and this attempt will be successful.

These transient failures are annoying and would be convenient to have a retry mechanism. Luckily SSH config already has a config setting that you can use:

ConnectionAttempts = 5

That’s it. I would also recommend making use of the `ConnectTimeout` parameter as it helps to fail fast in case there is genuinely a problem.

Roy Antonyraj

Maker. Hacker. Mentor. Curious about how stuff works and how to break. Opinions are mine.

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